Information Technology


ITis a backbone of any business. We can help you to optimize your business by creating quick, soft and hard solutions in your existing IT setup. We can help you in developing customized software or quick tools to perform various analysis or to bridge interfaces between two parallel systems as per your business requirement.

  • Analyse your Business Requirements,
  • Design solutions which suit your requirement,
  • Implement solution in your environment,
  • Develop solution,
  • Training to users.
Information Technology

IT Services


  • In Shelf Software
    • Fixed Asset Management/Control System
    • Inventory Management
    • GST Credit Control System
    • Educational Softwares
      • Library Management System
      • Question Bank Manager
      • Result Manager
  • Custom Software: Make Custom software as per one’s need

  • Web Application Development: We can help to create web based application as per your requirements.

  • Website Development: We can help to create web site as per one's requirements.


We can help you by developing various analytical tools:

  • Decision support software: Through a quick analytical and statistical tool you can quickly assess the impact of changes in business parameters to lay a platform for quick decision making.

  • Director's briefcase: Have a compact view of business performance through dashboards for Top Management on performance of business, which can be tracked down to the transaction level as and when required. It is tailor-made product; we make it as per your requirement.


We can help you in designing and setting up optimum, lean and efficient hardware setup.


We can help you in protecting your business from loss of valuable information by designing Disaster Recovery plan or finding quick solutions for data.

Value added networks

Tool that enables you to host and access a real time information that you need from vendors/customers to run business smoothly and avoid stoppages in flow of business.